Outspoken Dancehall selector Foota Hype is in full support of Queen Ifrica following the Reggae singer calling out his estranged Baby Mama Ishawna over the weekend at Reggae Sumfest 2017.

Ifrica blasted the ‘Equal Rights’ singer over her controversial track and Instagram post disrespecting legendary Jamaican poet Miss Lou.

“When a likkle girl feel like she can bright enough and big enough fi diss icon like Miss Lou, di I dem must mek di I dem voice loud in disagreement,” Ifrica told the audience during Reggae Night on Sunday.

Ishawna Responds To Dissing Miss Lou, Says Miss Kitty Needs More Surgery

“Unless we who we are as a people, Queen Ifrica and some other artiste haffi guh stop sing bout yah, because unuh nuh respect di culture nuh more,” she said before singing her hit single “Times Like These.”

On Tuesday, Foota uploaded a photo with Ifrica, “Me and the fire mumma Queen Ifrica earlier she say morals and standards for females bun dem mumma.,” he wrote.

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